Games in the library

At the library, you can play Playstation, Nintendo DS, Wii, and various board games.

You can play many different games at the library. To borrow games you must have a library card.

At the library you can also play different board games, anything from Chess and Scrabble to Ubongo and Settlers of Catan. Find yourself a table, a partner and get going!

Where you can play

Department Playstation 3 Wii* Nintendo DS PC Brettspill 
Main library,
Childrens department
x x  x
Main library, Game room
 x      x  x
Åsane library x x* x    
Fana library x   x    
Loddefjord library x x* x
Oasen library x x* x    
Landås library     x    x

*Wii is only used at game evenings

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