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I now send you [..], a bull and heifer of the “shoroughbreed short horned Durham Cattle.” [..] because of your liberal sentiments upon the rights of man, and your noble efforts to plant a colony in our land.

– Cassius Marcellus Clay

About the anniversary

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Sep 01, 2009
by admin

About the anniversary

Ole Bull 2010, a project of Art Museums of Bergen (Kunstmuseene I Bergen), was initiated by the City of Bergen.

Organizing Committee

  • Leader: Bjørn Laastad, appointed by the board of Art Museums of Bergen
  • Anniken Thue, Director of Art Museums of Bergen
  • Jørn Oftedal, representative for Hordaland County
  • Ann Margret Hauknes, representative for the City of Bergen
  • Karl Ole Midtbø, representative for the Municipality of Os
  • Kristoffer Foldøy, representative for the Municipality of Osterøy

Project leader

  • First curator Trond Indahl, Art Museums of Bergen


The chief goal of the anniversary is to highlight Ole Bull’s stature as one of the greatest national prodigies of the 19th century, and his importance for Norway’s culture and society. Ole Bull 2010 will spread knowledge about the expanse of his musical production to a broad audience and encourage research on both his virtuosity and his relationship to folk music.

Further areas of focus will be Bull’s extensive interest in instruments and instrument construction and his innovations in this field, as well as his role as Norway’s first “star” and the national and international significance of this status.


Ole Bull 2010 is a collaboration of disparate interests and organizations desiring to educate about and stimulate interest in Ole Bull. Local observations in Bergen and Hordaland comprise the crux of Ole Bull 2010, but the anniversary will also be feted on both a national level and at selected international venues. Ole Bull 2010 will initiate and coordinate a variety of local, national and international events. Information about its own and related arrangements will be provided on the project’s website as well as through other channels.

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