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Bull has changed his singers, for he finds that plain country people have grown weary of Italian opera music [..].

– ukjent avis

Proudest moment!

Ole Bornemann Bull was born the 5th of February, 1810 and died on the 17th of August, 1880, at his home, Lysøen. A world-renown virtuoso violinist and composer, his impassioned dedication to his country’s folk music played a key role in the development of Norwegian culture following Norway’s separation from Denmark. In the course of his lengthy career, Ole Bull travelled and performed throughout the world. He was a musician, networker, promoter, inspiration and Norway’s first superstar. On the occasion of Ole Bull’s funeral, esteemed Norwegian writer Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson bestowed upon him the title “the people’s finest and proudest moment “. In 2010, a myriad of arts institutions collaborate to mark the 200th anniversary of Ole Bull’s birth.

This is the homepage of the 200 year anniversary of the Norwegian violinist Ole Bull. The english part of the content includes the jubilé calendar, some articles and links to the digital collection of Bergen Public Library.

The jubilé has come to its end and this site is no logner updated. Bergen Public Library maintains the site as documentation. Download report (english section at the end).

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