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The very attitude of the man, as he stands poising his bow for a moment before he begins to play, his lithe and graceful yet wholly unartificial bow to the audience, his weird and slender figure, with head thrown back, and eyes upturned as if seeking inspiration from some invisible source, or (as some has imagined) listening for an inaudible whisper form his violin, are of themselves a poem adressed to the eye, resembling in effect the wild lyrics of his native North, […]

– Maria S. Brainerd


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Feb 01, 2010

Bull on Postage Stamp

A postage stamp featuring Ole Bull will be issued on Bull’s birthday, 5 February 2010, in combination with a stamp featuring P.A. Munch.

Bull on Postage Stamp

This year marks the 200th birthday of both Ole Bull and P.A. Munch.

In commemoration of Ole Bull’s 200th birthday, Norway Post will issue stamps featuring Bull’s portrait. On the roll of stamps the violin virtuoso will share space with Peter Andreas Munch (1810-1863), whose 200th birthday is also being celebrated in 2010.
P.A. Munch was Norway’s foremost 19th century historian; he laid the groundwork for modern Norwegian historical research. Ole Bull was a world-famous violinist and one of the first Norwegian musicians to travel the world in modern times. The two men will be portrayed, one after the other, on rolls of 100 stamps. Cost: NOK 8.50 per stamp.

The two stamps are designed by Sverre Morken.

See for more information.

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