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The colony at Oleona is in flourishing condition, and his countrymen, both in this country and in Norway, repose the outmost confidence in his wisdom and good intentions.

– Olean Journal


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Mar 24, 2010

Lysøen Rejuvenated

Preparations for Ole Bull’s bicentennial celebrations are well underway at Lysøen. Bull’s villa and the small island upon which it is built are undergoing restoration.

Lysøen Rejuvenated

Lysøen Museum opens to the public on 18 May.

‘– To begin with, we have concentrated on the most essential maintenance’, says Lysøen Museum’s director Berit Høgheim. Due to leaks from both above and below ground, Bull’s villa now has new flooring in the basement and much of the roof has been replaced. Drainage ditches are in the process of being dug around the villa.

Voracious sunlight

The villa’s textiles are currently being restored at the Salhus conservation centre.
‘– Much work must be done to protect the villa interior from sunlight, since ultraviolet rays are gradually breaking down the old textiles’, says Høgheim. Initial restoration projects include a large embroidered tapestry, a tablecloth and some of the curtains.

Lysøen’s concert grand piano, Hume (Boston, early 1900s), has been seen to by a piano tuner and technician. In preparation for the new concert season, it is now refurbished with new felt hammers and bass strings. The keyboard has also been adjusted and Høgheim assures us the sound quality is excellent. It was Ole Bull’s daughter, Olea, who had the piano shipped to Lysøen in 1905.

Road work
Lysøen offers visitors approximately 13 kilometres of delightful roads and walking paths. Bull’s idea to pave the paths with shell-sand is honoured, and this year, as always, the roads and paths are being replenished with the soft-crunching shell-sand. In addition, the island’s woods are being cleared of brush to enable visitors to romp freely under the trees, enchanted by Bulls music. The villa gardens are being rejuvenated with new plants. Lysevågen is also getting a face lift and the stairs at the Old Harbour are being re-built.

Many activities are planned at Ole Bull’s villa and elsewhere on Lysøen in conjunction with the bicentennial birthday celebrations. Lysøen Museum opens to the public on 18 May.

For more information about Lysøen Museum, see:

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