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The very attitude of the man, as he stands poising his bow for a moment before he begins to play, his lithe and graceful yet wholly unartificial bow to the audience, his weird and slender figure, with head thrown back, and eyes upturned as if seeking inspiration from some invisible source, or (as some has imagined) listening for an inaudible whisper form his violin, are of themselves a poem adressed to the eye, resembling in effect the wild lyrics of his native North, […]

– Maria S. Brainerd


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Jan 08, 2010

Menuhin Competition 2010

In 2010, the world’s most prestigious competition for young violinists will take place in Oslo, and the city will be filled with music for ten days.

Menuhin Competition 2010

The man behind the competition, Yehudi Menuhin.

16-25 April 2010
Various venues, Oslo

This year the Menuhin Competition commemorates Ole Bull’s bicentennial year by featuring his music and hosting an international violin exhibition.

42 young violinists from across the world (including five Norwegians) will come to Oslo to compete for prizes and prestige. The jury, comprised of internationally acclaimed musicians (violin and viola), will also give concerts and hold master classes. Oslo will be filled with music, thanks also to students from Norway’s many cultural schools. The public can look forward to a marvelous music festival in Oslo in April.

The biannual Menuhin Competition was founded by the legendary violinist Yehudi Menuhin in 1983. This year it is hosted by a partnership of five of Norway’s leading music institutions – Barratt Due Music Institute, Norwegian Opera & Ballet, Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, Norwegian Council for Schools of Music and Performing Art, and Norwegian Academy of Music – in collaboration with Menuhin Competition Trust, a London-based foundation.

The Ole Bull bicentennial is one important reason why the competition will be held in Norway in 2010. For the first time in the competition’s history, works by Paganini will be replaced by Bull’s competition repertoire. Bull’s works will be performed during many of the competition’s events – not least, at the closing gala concert at Oslo’s opera house on 25 April. The New York-based violinmaker Christophe Landon has invited instrument builders from many countries to create copies of the ‘Ole Bull’ Guarneri violin from 1744. These will be exhibited at the Norwegian Academy of Music during the competition, and participants and other violinists are invited to try them out.

For more information in English on the Menuhin Competition 2010, please see

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